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Building and then living in your dream home is the ultimate goal. From conceptualization to execution, a homeowner’s journey only ends when the final light bulb is placed or the last screws are tightened. And when they do, a new chapter begins in the home and it only makes room for comfort and relaxation after years and years of hard work.


Despite this, even the best houses are still prone to forces beyond any owner’s control. And it is always a regretful and stressful thing to see a beloved investment be tainted by small albeit relentless forces. And yes, we are talking about termites.


In this luxury home visited by Rid-Em, precious materials are all under threat because of the invasion of termites in the property’s pool house. Termite control solution is immediately needed in the problem area to avoid further damage and eliminate the termites as soon as possible. The pool house, made of teak wood, was installed with Exterra’s Above-Ground station filled to the brim with palatable termite bait. With this installation, there was no need to dismantle any of the pool house’s costly wood structure and maintain any undamaged aesthetic as it were.


Impressed with Rid-Em’s non-intrusive termite control solution, the client then proceeded to avail of Exterra’s FULL TERMITE CONTROL PROTECTION.


The entire property is also surrounded by both in-concrete and in-ground termite control baiting stations to act as a safety net or a barrier around the house and keep new termites from coming into the property.


Exterra’s termite control baits are so palatable that termites hungrily devour and share this with the rest of the colony, marking the beginning of total colony elimination. Unlike chemicals that only eliminate termites it reaches or touches, the Exterra system promises removal of even the key player of all—the queen.


So whether investing in furniture or structure with precious wood, it is always the better investment to make sure that these materials are properly protected and secured against nature’s relentless eater. Watch how Rid-Em em treated this home.

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