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With skyscrapers and new land developments sprouting in the city and the suburbs, it is now so undeniably nostalgic and rare to see big old houses that once dominated our Spanish-influenced country. The deterioration of these architectural marvels may not only be due to the ongoing modernization of construction and design but most likely, because of natural causes as well.


Made dominantly of wood, old homes are easily attractable to termites and most pests. And considering, too, the lack of termite treatment and solution way back, these homes don’t stand a chance at all.



termite control philippines
termite control philippines

Take this old home of our client as an example. Charming with a little backyard garden, the house eventually became a haven for termites. From awnings, tree stumps, and soil patches, the termites have dominated the house.


The team scoured the place to find signs of infestation all around: the walls and roof were not even safe from mud tunnels. The worst of it all though, was that a termite mound has already settled itself in the property.


termite control philippines
termite control philippines

It is one thing to prevent the threat of termites and it’s another thing to deal with them when they are already on-site—and even thriving at that. As with the case of our client, the termites have already occupied most of the house, predominantly in the backyard garden where mounds have been found with still active termites lurking about.



With this kind of infestation, it is always ideal to face the problem upfront. The mound has to be taken care of immediately. For this house, here is what we did:


  1. Demolished the existing termite mound in the garden area.

  2. Applied non-repellent liquid termiticide on the excavated soil from the termite mound to ensure that the termite colony is eliminated

  3. Installed aboveground termite stations on trees in the garden area to deal with termites attacking the trees

termite control philippines
termite control philippines




With the threats of new and current termites now dealt with, there is no more fear in our clients that their ancestral home will fall into further decay. Our spraying solution which first took care of the visible termite mound will be heavily supported in the long run by our termite baiting system that will penetrate and surely eliminate the entire colony.

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