Your Kitchen: A Pest's Sanctuary

We all had—or still have—our bouts of pest infestation in our homes. Some may be easy to deal with like ants or flies while others like rodents and cockroaches might require a more professional approach. Nonetheless, when they hang around, they always seem to be in the kitchen. Have you ever wondered why?


The Termite Social Structure

When it comes to insect caste systems, one particular specie always comes to mind—bees. Everyone knows what a queen bee is; her role, her purpose, etc. But did you know that caste systems are particularly prevalent in other kinds of insects too? And lo and behold, the list includes termites.


Eating Through Concrete

Termite infestation is perhaps a homeowner’s worst nightmare. And with that comes endless consultations, discussions, and perhaps, even some village gossip:


Do termites really eat through concrete?

Damages Termites Can Do To Your Home

Even just the name itself strings a number of losses to a homeowner. “Termites”—a now-nightmarish word to hear or read—may be little pests with little mouth and feet, but in numbers, they can do great damages when not dealt with immediately.