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We all had—or still have—our bouts of pest infestation in our homes. Some may be easy to deal with like ants or flies while others like rodents and cockroaches might require a more professional pest control approach. Nonetheless, when they hang around, they always seem to be in the kitchen. Have you ever wondered why?


There are various reasons why these insects and animals choose to stay in that part of our house. Aside from obvious reasons like shelter and heat, the kitchen is comprised of things and materials that attract them the most.


Dirty Dishes


We always try to be clean. But when life interrupts and takes most of our time, dishes sometimes sit a while on the sink. And then they do, pests like ants, flies, and cockroaches know it’s time for a feast. Every bit of crumb or grease left in those plates will be of delight to them. Without pest control, they will surely thrive.

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Dishes left on the sink contain food crumbs that entice pests.



The kitchen may be the busiest part of the house. Aside from cooking, cleaning up dishes, pots, or pans comes next. And in it will be the use of water. Whether over the sink or via a dishwasher, moisture attracts pests as this can act as their source of drink. Infestation can further occur when air conditioning is also present in the room where its drippings—plus the kitchen pipes—double the attraction.


Overripe Fruits


Surprised? Don’t be. All things food that are left on the counter or the kitchen table are always susceptible to attract pests. With overripe fruits, you can expect fruit flies to infiltrate your kitchen and soon, you might need the help of pest control professionals . Ensure that you keep your food properly sealed or stored in the refrigerator.

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pest control philippines
pest control philippines

Food, water, and easy entrance attracts pests to enter your home.

Cracks & Gaps


With cabinets, shelves, or ventilation, kitchen walls or surfaces can be full of cracks or gaps due to insistent hammerings during installations. These cracks, while can be small, are big enough for ants, spiders, or cockroaches to crawl to and from. Not only do these cracks enable them to wander in your kitchen, but it can also serve as their hiding place whenever you want to track them down!



You always have to make sure that your kitchen is not only spotless but is also regularly checked for any construction or repair needs. From food to wall gaps and even down to kitchen moisture, these are all attractive pieces for pests to loiter in. Don’t let them destroy precious time and memories you can make from one of the most beloved areas in the house—the kitchen.

If the problem already seems unmanageable, call Rid-Em for a proper pest control solution.

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