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With only two seasons in the Philippines, it’s always just an option of termite or ants that usually fester in our homes when the season change. And in the case of ant infestation, this is usually evident with how they suddenly become so visible even in the spaces and areas we don’t normally even store food. May it be on the counter, behind the cabinet, or beside indoor plants, when you see them crawling and grouped in one place, you know the new season has begun.


But, how do these ants know it’s already the rainy season?

According to research, the change in humidity and air pressure can be felt by these insects and cause them to change their nesting and behavior to adapt to the upcoming weather. Like any other animals—or even us humans—these ants grouping inside the home is their way of sourcing dry ground and away from the rain and flood that can wash them away.

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Ants getting out of their colony too search for new shelter

Depending on the species of the ant, ants can either come out of their nest before, during, and even after a rain. Any which way, ant infestation or ant exodus is almost a definite outcome during the rainy season.


So what to do when this happens?


A quick sweep is an immediate solution just to eliminate the visible ant trail or grouping. Spraying insecticide is not recommended as this can only spread them out further and into another area of the home. Taking out affected items or furniture is also a good way to keep them outside. When ant invasion is recurring even after a few good (and dry) days, it’s time to call the experts for a thorough pest control.

pest control philippines
pest control philippines
pest control philippines

Ants gathering food and looking for new shelter can be an indication of the incoming rainy season.

Pest control with Rid-Em is a sure and long-lasting solution for any pest problems, whatever the season may be. Using odorless spraying and misting, pest control with Rid-Em is always a stress-free process and without the extra hassle of foul-smelling solution penetrating all over the home or the property.


From ants, mosquitoes, and even rodents—all can be handled by Rid-Em’s pest control.

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