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It’s always an exciting thing to be redesigning or coming to a new home. From paint colors to the latest furniture, browsing online for interior design ideas becomes the homeowner’s newest habit throughout the work. While Pinterest and Instagram offer an abundance of vision boards, not one can remind nor inform you of the risks and problems involved behind the style and the designs of each curated home.


Behind any glossed-out and styled-out living room is a furniture or a cabinet at risk of a termite infestation. A garden pond or a fountain, while lovely to look at, is an invitation for mosquitoes to breed and invade the garden. The kitchen, with its number of plumbing and wiring, literally opens up crevices and holes where insects can easily fit.

On the surface, of course, a newly renovated home is satisfying to look at. But what goes deep within its walls should be at the top of a homeowner’s list of priorities.

Pest Control and Termite Control

Moving in? Make sure there are no pests lurking about.

Pest control by Rid-Em before client's moving in day

Prevention vs. Cure


As the old saying goes, it’s always better to prevent unwanted circumstances rather than face them head-on. A home, still during its renovation period, should already undergo protection against pests that would inevitably try to attack and invade it soon.


With Rid-Em’s Full Termite and Pest Control solution, it sees to the two different needs a home will face once pests try to attack the premises. Flying and crawling insects can be dealt with using odorless spraying and misting methods that instantly kill present insects and guarantee long-lasting performance. A round of pest control ensures that when the moving-in day comes, you don’t need to worry that you have pests in your home. You can just relax and enjoy your new space.

The Best for The Worst


Possibly the most destructive among all residential (and even commercial) pests, termites are the ones you should be most wary of. Silent but non-stop, any home is at its mercy most especially when the property is unprepared. From furniture to foundation and other knickknacks, as long as it is made of wood, termites will and can destroy it.


That’s why Rid-Em heavily advises the use of the termite baiting system. Safe for humans and pets, the baiting system uses termite baits instead of chemicals to eliminate these pests. These baiting stations will be strategically located all around the property to serve as a barrier or a shield that can feed the termites potent bait that once eaten, will serve as the start of the entire colony elimination.


With this solution, homeowners are certain that not only is the house safe from termites when they move in, but the house will be—and deservedly so—safe and protected against pests for a long time coming.

A client's home being treated by Rid-Em during renovation

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