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Even just the name itself strings a number of losses to a homeowner. “Termites”—a now-nightmarish word to hear or read—may be little pests with little mouth and feet, but in numbers, they can do great damages when not dealt with immediately.


Anything wood in the property is at stake. So take a look at how your items at home can be vulnerable to these little creatures.



Weakened structures


Not even your property’s foundations are safe. While termites cannot eat through concrete, big enough cracks and gaps can be penetrated by termites and eventually crawl inside to reach any wood panels or structure that frame your house. Door frames, window sills, floor joists, and dry walls are just some of the most vulnerable parts of the home. Termites tend to eat their way inside these woods and then once satisfied, leave the them hollow, weak, and brittle—a true sign of potential structural collapse. Ensure your foundations are strong and free of termites. Always keep a lookout for any signs of infestation in these areas. Call termite control professionals when signs are already present

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Perfect on the outside but destroyed by termites inside?

Blemished to useless furniture


Once inside the home, nothing can stop termites from destroying wooden furniture. What’s worse is that they work silently and inconspicuously that it’s difficult to see how much or how many of your things they’ve already destroyed. Their activity, hidden mostly because of paint or surface coverings, shelves, benches, cupboards, cabinets, and many others can already be deemed useless and dangerous even before you know termites are present. In this case, always look for mud tunnels surrounding the furniture or for paint bubbles to know if it is infested or not.

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termite control philippines
termite control philippines

Termites can eat the most crucial parts of the house: the foundation

Destroyed paper & books


Home offices or study rooms are much vulnerable because of the presence of two things: wood and paper. From tables, chairs, shelving, cabinets, and thousands upon thousands of pages of books, it’s a feast for termites. And yes, you’ve read that right, books are also among the things termites love to eat. Who knew you'd be needing termite control for these random things? Hardbound or paperback, no favorite book of yours is safe when they attack. Ensure that important documents are properly sealed once there is evidence of termite infestation.




Garden infestation


Not surprising, gardens can be the main area where termites thrive in your home. Having them here does not guarantee though that they won’t come and explore your house. But them already present in the garden is alarming in itself. From your porch area to trellises and raised garden boxes, they can destroy not only these structures but eventually cause damages to the plants you’ve taken care of. Consistently check for signs of termite infestation whenever you tend to your garden.

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termite control philippines
termite control philippines

Even your favorite items like books can be damaged by termites.

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