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Termite infestation is a problem most households encounter. Traditionally, this problem is solved through termite control service of chemical spraying or dousing particularly in the areas affected by the termites. These are the portions where mud tunnels can be seen and where wood has already been damaged or made hollow. It’s a quick termite control solution that kills termites but unfortunately, only on a surface level.


Like any canned insecticide, chemical dousing of liquid termiticide can only kill the termites it touches or can reach. So, with other termites still crawling and always silently moving, they can continue to thrive and damage for as long as the chemical does not reach them? These termites will remain and simply look elsewhere to gather food for their queen and the colony.


In-ground station at one of Rid-Em's clients' home.

Backed with science, research, and tangible proof, the Exterra Baiting System on the other hand completes the termite elimination by penetrating not only the damaged area but the entire colony itself. Through its palatable bait, the termites carry this “food” back to their colony and share it with the rest of its members—workers and queen.


This termite control of baiting guarantees a no-intrusion and no-chemical method that saves any household or establishment from the additional stress of cleaning or organizing furniture inside the property. Another great aspect of Exterra’s bait is its non-toxic and odorless ingredient, making it safe for humans, plants, and pets alike.

These impressive components result in more and more properties using the baiting system as their termite control. Rid-Em has already serviced properties of different kinds and sizes ranging from a sprawling eco-friendly vacation farmhouse to the humble and quaint condo property. Evidence can truly show how the Exterra Baiting System is the superior choice for termite control.

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