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If the kitchen is the heart of the home, a garden can be one’s escape altogether. Abundant with what nature has to offer, gardens in some homes even become the main attraction that sees daily activities from household members.


This client’s home garden presents sought-after features that truly make it a wondrous escape. But the recent peace and fresh air it offers was disrupted by small enemies also lurking about where wood and soil are abundant—termites.


Centered at the heart of this spacious green space is a grand tree now invaded by these termites. Precious and almost iconic to the home, a traditional chemical termite control solution seems to be too cruel to execute. Not only can it cause the death of the tree, but the chemicals can also seep into the soil and ultimately damage the rest of the garden area as well.


With Rid-Em’s Exterra Termite Control System, no harm will be made to the tree and the rest of the garden as well. Targeting the termites occupying the tree, an above-ground station was directly placed at the tree trunk to quickly attract the invaders and allow them easy access to Exterra’s palatable bait.


Surrounding the garden and the rest of the property, several in-concrete and in-ground stations were also installed to ensure that the entire house is protected against incoming termites.

The Exterra termite control system prides itself on its non-intrusive and no-chemical solution that preserves both the structure and the entire area from further dismantling or damage. The baiting stations are also designed to blend well in the interior and exterior of any household that it will not look out of place. Like in this garden area, the baiting stations were barely noticeable.


See it for yourself and watch the full work below!

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