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Sprawling greens, fresh air, and fruit-bearing trees—these are only some of the things our client loves about her home in a premier land development in the south. She considers this house a home that should exude the ultimate “getaway feel” where she and her family can relax and unwind.


Given though that the property is surrounded by lush greeneries, much-needed protection and precaution are required against “trespassers”—trespassers who are especially small, hungry, and very much destructive.


For this beautiful nature-friendly home, it is all about dealing with the threats of termites surely, and importantly, safely.



Nature & Termite Control

termite control philippines
termite control philippines

With the abundance of raw land, it is only normal to be truly wary of the possible damages termites can cause. Adding on the different edible plants and fruit trees that surround the house, it is a haven for them. But with fresh produce present, one can think of repercussions when dealing with termites. Usually, termite control requires chemicals dousing or spraying to kill the pests. But as with any toxic chemicals, it is a risk for humans, animals, and plants.


Using the innovative Exterra Termite Baiting System, humans, animals, and yes, even plants are safe from any chemicals or toxins. Both of its Focus and Requiem termite baits contain ingredients that are less toxic than table salt. With Rid-Em, this haven will remain a haven.

termite control philippines
termite control philippines

The Full Termite Protection


Considering the size and location of the property, Rid-Em Termite & Pest Control installed a FULL TERMITE CONTROL PROTECTION—a service that includes the installation of multiple in-ground/in-concrete stations to be filled with Exterra’s patented termite baits. This one-year package also comes in with monthly check-ups and visits to monitor the total elimination of termites. 


With this, our client finally feels assured that this big investment is safe from the threats of termites.

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