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There is nothing worse than seeing your investment become a victim of termites and pests. And not only can this happen to residential establishments, but buildings and warehouses are also not safe at all. That’s why last year, a corporate client has asked Rid-Em to install full termite protection in their company building.


Rid-Em’s solution to a termite infestation is through the use of the revolutionary Exterra Baiting System. Instead of dousing chemicals in the property, Exterra uses a non-toxic termite “food” placed inside baiting stations situated at the perimeter of the property. The termite attractant and food (called Focus and Requiem bait, respectively) will entice termites to the bait instead of penetrating the building itself. Full and satisfied with the “food” inside the stations, termites will then go back to their colony to share their reaps only to have the other termites infected, eventually leading to full termite colony elimination.




The client’s main building was already infected with termites when they gave Rid-Em a call. The most affected areas were the artists’ room, the power room, and the first-floor comfort room. To immediately fix the situation, Rid-Em installed above-ground stations near the most affected areas, allowing bountiful bait available for the current termites to feast on.


Impressed with Rid-Em’s methods, the client decided to further their package and availed of the full termite protection. The inspection resulted in additional 15 in- concrete stations and 1 above-ground station.




A contract with Rid-Em is not only a contract for year-long termite protection. It is importantly also a contract that guarantees efficient and consistent service. Rid-Em’s dedication to safeguarding any business properties includes monthly progress visits, recommendations, and site check-ups.


With this, it is always business as usual at our client’s building. Owners and employees alike feel safe and secure knowing that no threats linger within the four corners of their work place. Add on the savings any businesses will get from doing away with any major renovations from termite destructions, there’s now no stopping from your business to thrive.

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