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Sometimes, it is so hard to break away from the practices or the sights seemingly so familiar and routinely in a household. Like the schedule of eating three times a day, a list of weekly chores to do, or simply, getting to do crafty hobbies and exercises.


This familiarity comes in not only as a feat for organizing but also, a sanctuary filled with comfort.


But what happens though if these practices and familiarities make you resigned to instances that should not be at all in your house? Take pests for example. Ants, cockroaches, fruit flies—household pests that are practically renting free in your home. Their small and quiet nature creates a somewhat peaceful invasion yet nevertheless, still an invasion—an invasion often overlooked because they are not “distracting” enough. A wipe there, a sweep there, they could be gone in a minute.


But truly, can these pests stay away once you stepped on them?



Be a Smart Homeowner

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The answer to that question is a BIG NO. For as long as these pests find solace in your house where they can get food, water, and shelter, you will be chasing them away with your slippers and broom forever.


The smart property owner will make sure that the household will not anymore depend on the age-old methods of swatting and sweeping—and the smart homeowner knows that the better and the more effective method is the one that keeps these pests away for long.


And that’s where Rid-Em comes into the picture, for we know all about these silent invasions and quiet destructions.

pest control philippines
pest control philippines

The Quiet Destruction

Rid-Em already has several clients that availed of our pest control and enjoyed the most satisfying results. Aside from repelling and eliminating, our solution is also odorless and ensures long-lasting protection. Our pest control services cover most invasion and infestation from pests like ants, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, bed bugs, and mites.


Another method we utilize is the use of lockable rodenticide boxes which primarily deals with pesky rodents that are harder to eliminate. With a sturdy covering (to avoid unsightly views), a wide side entrance, attractants and poisonous baits inside, the container can be left on its own in places where the rodent frequents.

pest control philippines
pest control philippines

You should never be complacent whenever you see signs of pests in your home. Even if not distracting enough to get your attention, damages can still be costly in the long run. Worse, it may be you and your family’s health at risk. Leptospirosis, salmonella, E-coli, malaria, and dengue are just some of the serious and more fatal diseases one can get through pet bites or droppings.


So don’t take any chances. Eliminate these everyday pests once and for all.

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